Video D’Jour: Antmusic

Back in the days when music videos were all we knew of rock and roll, Adam Ant finally made me forget about Luke Skywalker. The timing on this video is exquisite, but what else might one expect of a post-punk tribal gypsy-pirate-highwayman rock band?

This is before more than half the band got pilfered by Malcom McLaren to become Bow Wow Wow. At which point Adam Ant gave them all the proverbial finger and hired TWO drummers. Unplug the jukebox and do us all a favor.


Onward to Asgard…

So, this is going to be published soon.

As a lover of mythology and of all things Gaiman, I am, of course, ecstatic. But more importantly, as a book by “Children’s Author Neil Gaiman” this volume has the potential to turn a lot of young, curious, open minds to the power and magic of the world of myth in a way that is more personal than our our ripe old adult selves could possibly remember to imagine. I am so damn excited.

My own spawn are possibly too frivolously inclined to appreciate it. But at very least I plan on recommending it to my 14 year old’s best friend, as she’s NAMED for a Norse Goddess. My own copy is going to live in a place of honor at the top of the good shelf.