Fairy Tale Fragment #1

And when the novelty at last wears off it comes as no big surprise that what does you in this time is the bile in you. Always were you full of grit and bile. Dirt and bitter edges. A child’s tea cup laced with lead. No shelter left in mazes for those who leave too many clues. You’ll all end up in the arms of some old drunken god or other. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, declare the Fates, so bored they can’t even be bothered to look up from their knitting for it. Paths close and gates shut and doors lock behind us. We shall have to chart our own then. We will have to pave our own roads then. And so it ever was. And can you pick up some milk on the way?

As I Am

Love retainsĀ privilege in disclaimers

Unconditional tillĀ inconvenient

All of us are judged by our inevitableĀ messes

All of us are measured by

The demons we have yet to conquer

Down here in trenches

We don’t have rules like that

But perfect acceptance

Still has its price

Collectivist Compassion

You can get what you need

If you give without wanting

You can be without masks

If you’re willing to be

Patient and steady

Willing to listen

Faithful as defined, which is to say

Full of faith

Purged of doubt

Willing to love

Not for what

I might be

But without reservation

Love me as I love

Whole and unedited

Imperfect and Unfinshed

As broken and as beautiful

As I am