Winter Post #2

Apparently I have a tendency to wax meaningful, maudlin or poetic on New Year’s Eve. And the clock has spoken, so here’s my bit of questionable wisdom for the year…

In the end, no matter how loved you are or how well you may feel you are understood by or how much you embrace the family you assemble by choice, one is always, ultimately, alone to some degree.

No one will ever fully understand you and certainly no one will ever understand you quite like you do. Stop expecting that anyone ever will. That’s not what other people are for.

Other people are for celebrating, appreciating, forgiving, being aggravated by, and loving to the best of your ability within health and within reason. Do that. That in itself is and should be enough.

Secondly. perhaps most importantly, what matters is that you learn to celebrate, appreciate, forgive, be aggravated by and ultimately love and embrace the you that no one else but you will ever understand.

Winter Post #1

Miso and salmon and matcha tea contain regenerative powers. Especially as breakfast, late, past 11 am. Quiet, late mornings alone with old musings and future plans, fueled with Japanese manna shall sustain me onward. Life resumes in spite of the ruts and forks in the roads behind and beyond.