Corvus the Crow

The Crow has a reputation not just as a harbinger of destiny and a mythical gossip, but as the prototypical divine procrastinator.

In the myth of the constellation of Corvus, the sacred Crow gets distracted by some unripe figs on his way to fetch water for Apollo and ends up waiting months for them to ripen before eating his fill, then remembering his task. He blames his delay not on his own  distractable nature, but instead accuses Hydra the water serpent of blocking his path and so is punished by the god. Corvus loses his silver white feathers which are changed to soot and is placed  in the stars within eternal reach of a cup he cannot drink from except when the figs are ripe.

In the lore of Saint Expeditus, the Devil came to tempt the saint into procrastination by taking  the form of a crow crying “Cras, Cras” or “Tomorrow, Tomorrow.” The saint resisted and can be appealed to to conquer the sins of distraction, tardiness and delay.